In this challenging business environment, you need experienced legal counsel to help identify risks and opportunities, and guide your management team to cost-effective solutions. DELASHMIT LAW FIRM LLC is a Business Law Firm founded by a former capital partner and leader from one of America’s largest law firms with this mission in mind:
Offer Clients Big Firm Expertise - Small Firm Relationships


DELASHMIT LAW FIRM LLC brings to your legal matters the expertise of a sophisticated Big Firm law practice, without the associated costs and inefficiencies of teams of young lawyers learning on the job and on your dime. Your legal matters command personal attention.

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DELASHMIT LAW FIRM LLC has developed relationships and a network of associated law firms and attorneys that allows this Firm to manage sophisticated legal matters that might ordinarily exceed the skills and capacity of a small law firm.  The Firm has the capacity to manage your legal matters through the life-cycle of your business.

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ESOP Practice

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce the DELASHMIT LAW FIRM LLC ESOP Practice.  In a nutshell, the Firm helps private business owners sell some or all of their business, pay no capital gains taxes on the sale proceeds, and use tax-deductible financing to do it (Section 1042 Structure).

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